The Fractal Group

Geneva Shade - Willow

The more than one hundred weeping willow trees that have lined the northern end of Seneca Lake since the 1800s stand as symbols in the park. Their growth naturally shades people walking by and those pausing to sit on the benches beneath their branches. Our design aims to bring the willow trees’ natural shade, movement, beauty, structure, and density closer to Geneva’s downtown lakefront. Our installation - Willow - took inspiration from the willow tree where the fabric that drops down from the structure embodies the leaved branches that fall down from the tree by swaying in response to the wind, providing protection from the sun with its multiple layers, and falling to various lengths. Our metal framed structure that supports the shading fabric stands strong, tall, and in multiple numbers similar to the trunk of the tree. The clusters of structure are connected to other clusters, similar to tree relationships within a forest. This installation preserves the important symbols of Seneca Lake while developing the design to an age to become a new symbol of the Geneva lakefront.

Geneva Town NY Shade Competition 2017 - Runner-up project.

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