The Fractal Group

Bird Tower

Pape Nature park is famous both for its important role as a busy resting and feeding stopover for millions of birds on their seasonal migrations and for its year-round inhabitants including wild horse and cattle. We imagined the observation tower as a point of intensity, amplifying the sensuality of the environment for human perception, and fostering a richer understanding of the inextricable links between humans and wildlife. In this tower, we do not observe nature from above, we experience nature within.    

    Therefore, we have chosen to supplement the observation tower’s primary role of seeing with a secondary program for listening. Sound dishes offer a chance to pause and listen, using amplified acoustics materialized by dishes of locally-crafted ceramic tiles arranged in parabolic arrays. Each dish points through tower openings revealing the most powerful moments in Pape Nature Reserve including: waterfowl on the lake, horses at play along the marsh banks, and the busy activities of a traditional fishing village along the Baltic coast.

    By acting as a node for the intensification of sensing, we hope to connect visitors with the landscape, providing a novel way to experience the Pape Nature Reserve which in turn contributes to the cultural capital of the people of Latvia.

Bee Breeders Competition 2017